Professional Certification is rewarding to both you (as an Employer) and your Employee. Especially in certain trades, having Red-Seal certified employees not only increases your quality of service, but also increases the confidence your clients have in you. Anyone looking to get a job well done would prefer a company who provides the services through certified professionals.

    Employers normally feel that getting their existing staff certified or hiring someone locally or from overseas who can be certified upon arrival, would be an expensive or a tedious step. Our company provides a very comprehensive and economical solution for such employers; a step-by-step process is explained below, which will give you a fair idea about each stage. If you are planning to upgrade skills and certification of your existing workers or you are in the process of hiring new workers and would like to have them Job-Ready with all the required certifications, you can contact us for a quote. This expense is an investment you make into your company to gain confidence of your clients, and its financially rewarding, because clients pay more for work done by certified professionals than an uncertified worker.


    Complete the Job Description form, and submit to our professional staff, you will be contacted within 2 business days by our company with a solution Apply today!