About Us

Within the next five years, we will be among top ten global companies who have helped to create a conducive environment for students, skilled workers and employers by bridging learning, training and execution of skills, from schools till work places.

We are members in good standing of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), Change of Phase Consulting Ltd is a licensed Employment Agency approved by Director of Employment Standards. We are fully licensed and authorized to represent our clients in all Immigration related matters.

To be the most globally favorite company of the students, workers and employers, by inducting minds in to training and creating skilled staff members for organizations.

Change of phase Consulting Group comprises of:

  • Change of Phase Consulting Ltd. - Registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada
  • Change of Phase Consulting Ltd. - Registered in the Province of Alberta, Canada
  • Change of Phase Consulting Ltd. - Registered in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Change of Phase Consulting Llc. - Registered in the State of Arizona, United States of America
  • Change of Phase Consulting Ltd. - Registered in London, United Kingdom
  • Change of Phase Consulting also owns, Techeveron; an IT and Software sub-division and S.K.I.L.L.S; an Online Training Institute.

Change of Phase Consulting Group is working in close coordination with multiple law firms and qualified consulting companies in different countries to provide excellent services to the clients. We have brought together almost 120 professionals from around the world to one platform, and they are all committed to providing only the most excellent services to our clients. Our group of professionals includes lawyers, consultants, business advisors, and investment specialists, employers who offer apprenticeship programs, educational consultants and travel agents are also on our panel.

The information provided in our website regarding these options is an extract from different official websites of respective countries. The references and sources are provided at the end of these extracts. Change of Phase Consulting Group is also introducing a Virtual Training Courses Portal to students and professionals across the globe who plan to go to Canada, USA and UK. All the guests on our website are requested to abide by our Terms of Use. There are no local offices of Change of Phase Consulting Group in Pakistan or India, there are many companies who adopted names like ours in local and Canadian market, but there is no link of those companies or individuals with Change of Phase Consulting Group. We strictly follow and impose the rules and regulations of ICCRC.

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